Parents as Partners

To achieve a successful quality of service, we welcome and acknowledge the need for parents and carers as partners.

The relationship between the child's parents/carers and the care facility is crucial to the child's well-being, development and progress. Children benefit most where there is a trusting and mutually supportive partnership. Kiddycare welcomes parents into the setting and there is always a two-way flow of knowledge and experience.

Children's experiences at home are highly significant to their achievement. When parents/carers and our nursery team work together the results have a measurable and lasting effect.

Kiddycare will provide newsletters and progress reports for children within our care.

Parents/carers will be welcomed to visit us at any time (open door policy).

Parents/carers will be kept informed of forthcoming trips and events and will be encouraged to accompany and join us with activities where practical.

To ensure the flow and continuity of care, Kiddycare will organise regular parents evenings and open days, where parents can discuss their child's progress and development with individual key workers.

In addition to the open days and evenings, we will offer introduction days for new parents/carers, where they can observe the nursery in action and discuss with staff their views, needs, recommendations and any concerns.

Parents/carers will be fully involved in all of our activities, and encouraged to support us with every area of care and development.