Healthy Eating

Our menus are planned carefully as Nutrition plays a key role in the growth and development of infants and young children and consuming a good diet is vital for overall health.

Kiddycare works with the knowledge and understanding that the nursery plays an important role in positively promoting good nutrition to the children in our care, and in turn we offer support and advice to parents to continue these messages at home.

Using recipes for meals and snacks that incorporate healthy ingredients encourages good eating habits they will take with them throughout their lives.

We vary menus at Kiddycare to introduce different colours, textures, flavours’ and fibres.

Full consideration is given for children who require different meals in accordance to their personal circumstances or parental religious beliefs.

Kiddycare supports children who may have an allergy to certain foods. If a child is unable to have a particular food item an alternative menu will be provided.

Meal times at Kiddycare are seen as a “Special Time” of the day and we encourage full interaction of the staff creating a quiet relaxed family atmosphere which promotes the children to learn new socialization skills as well as them enjoying their food and eating a well-balanced diet.

One part of our “Parents as Partners” scheme is to keep parents informed of what their child is eating on a daily basis. Weekly menus are displayed within the nursery for all parents to view.

Drinks and fruit are available in the rooms for children at all times of the day, and salad as hand held food is available at every meal time.